Bip Functions

Run your code around the world.

Serverless. Effortless.

Bip Functions are Javascript files that deploy to and run on the Bip platform itself, in several continents worldwide.

addEventListener('fetch', event => {

async function handleRequest(request) {
  return new Response('Hello world!')

Focus on code, not infrastructure.

With several out the box features including high availability and global reach, Bip Functions allow you to focus on what matters - your application.

Global reach

Your functions runs in data centres around the world, close to your users.

Auto scaling

Functions scale dynamically based on traffic. Don't worry about traffic spikes.

Simple pricing

Functions are billed per request, so there's no need to worry about execution time, or memory size.


We've put some code examples together to help illustrate the power of Bip Functions.

Functions are now available in Beta

Bip Functions are available now in Beta, and available to all customers on the Bip Plus plan. We will be refining the platform over the coming months, and will announce pricing for extra function invocations when the feature reaches General Availability.

Function quotas/limits

The Bip Plus plan includes 100k function invocations per month. To read more about function limits click here.

Ready to get started?

Functions are included at no extra charge as part of Bip Plus.